Angel's Super Sealing Sticks

Angel's Super Sealing Sticks are quick, clean, fun and versatile. Sealing Sticks are very similar to sealing wax but are less brittle. They are safer because don't give off any toxic fumes like enamels. They are also cleaner because there are no messy powders or glue guns to use. You simply heat the stick with your embossing heat gun and stamp into it. Because you apply pigment ink to the stamp before doing this, there is no harm to rubber stamps. You can also create stunning marbled effects by combing colors.

Wonder Sticks come in two sizes, a full stick that is about one ounce & a smaller stick that is 1/4 it's size.
There are over 30 colors including opaques, transparents and metallics.

Opaques and transparents: $3.50 Large / .75 cents Small
Metallic: $4 Large / $1 Small

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How to use Angel's Super Sealing Sticks:

It is suggested that you melt the Wonder Stick directly onto a metal surface or a thick paper or cardboard backing resting on the metal surface. When the stick hardens it will not stick to the metal itself. Though a thick paper backing is not required, it is recommended that you use it as a backing for your artwork because it will make the artwork less brittle.

  1. Hold or break off a piece of the Wonder Stick and melt it with an embossing heat gun. If you have a short Wonder Stick it is recommended you use a pair of locking tweezers so you do not burn your fingers.
  2. Thoroughly ink your stamp with any type of rubber stamping ink. If you don't want a color, use clear embossing ink.
  3. After waiting about 10-30 seconds for the melted Wonder Stick to cool a bit, press your stamp into the melted Wonder Stick. THIS WILL NOT HURT YOUR STAMPS. Allow the Wonder Stick to cool further around the stamp and then remove the stamp. This can take 30 seconds to several minutes. If the stamp is sticking you need to wait longer. If any of it does happen to stick to the stamp just wait a while for it to cool and remove it.
  4. How deep the impression is will depend on how much you let the stick cool, how hard you press and how much of the Wonder Stick you use.
  5. If you don't like the impression you got, simply re-heat and try again. Remember to re-ink your rubber stamp before making the impression so it doesn't stick.
  6. You can try using Pearl Ex, metallic rub-ons or markers to color it. Applying glass beads or gallery glass is also fun.
  7. If using a power like Pearl Ex, wax like metallic rub-ons or markers, it is always a good idea to spray your project with clear acrylic coating to seal and protect it.

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